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I am an organizational improvement expert, specializing in business operations with many years of management, engineering and consulting experience.  I have developed a diversified technical background and business acumen. My experience spans a variety of manufacturing and service sectors. I am a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and I’ve completed the RAB’s ISO 9000 lead auditor certification.
 I have an MBA in Human Resource Management with Distinction from Adelphi University, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Drexel University.

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My expertise is Organizational Leadership, delivering tangible results for many years. This skill and expertise, combined with relevant education and experience, facilitates companies to improve productivity and earn more money with less effort. I utilize a humanistic management style with an industrial engineering methodology that is team based and aligned with Best Business Practices.
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For many, process improvement is not a priority, even though their projects require rework or cost overruns or do not meet customer requirements. Think about it. Can you afford to keep putting off process improvement? Why wait until rework impacts ongoing production, or one project delays work on another? Missed deadlines cause revenue loss and downsizing! Customers go with the competition. The good news is that process improvement helps prevent these pains. Improvement is best done incrementally. It does not have to cause disruption. There are many ways to get buy-in from everyone.
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Mr. Nelson Wax worked with us as a colleague at the Institute of Management Resources on several occasions during the past year. He has consistently proven that he has the rare combination of analytical, technical and client handling skills.

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