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Business Improvement Coaching Services

Do you wish to make more money with less cost?
You need an Operations Specialist to help you with this!

Where can you turn if you have an operational problem that hinders higher performance in company? Your own employees BUT coached by an Operations Specialist! I will identify the real problems, their actual root causes, propose and implement rational quick-hit solutions tailored to your organization.


Improve Quality

Lower Cost

Quicken Delivery

Satisfy Customers

Build Value

By utilizing proven best business practices, you will increase quality, drive down costs, speed up delivery, enhance customer service and grow the value of your company. By working together in a collaborative approach where everyone pulls together and in the same direction, these changes will make you more money without wasted efforts driving lower margins.

Don’t wait to start improving your business processes. Schedule a no cost consultation to learn more about what I can do for you.


  • Increase repeat business because of consistent customer satisfaction.
  • Open new markets as you improve your insight into customer expectations.
  • Provide a foundation for growth and profitability that increases your cash flow and net income.
  • Improve the bottom line by utilizing Kaizen concepts that boost organizational productivity.
  • Enhance the value of your business for potential sale or for seeking potential investors or for acquiring new loans.


  • Conduct an objective business assessment that identifies the real problems and their root causes.
  • Recommend changes that build efficient and effective permanent gains from your processes.
  • Develop a prioritized and coordinated plan of action to enhance company-wide performance.
  • Implement and lead the improvement process to assure your satisfaction for success.
  • Accurately reflect the increase valuation of the business with up to date financials and related documentation.

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Examples of typical improvement efforts (many are “quick-hits”):

  • Performance Metrics and Incentive Programs
  • Strategic-Sales-Marketing-Financial-Business Plans
  • Productive and Preventive Maintenance – SOPs
  • Creative, Affordable, Alternative Financing Sources
  • Supervisory Team Training and Coaching
  • Wage Subsidies, SBA Loans and State Grants
  • Housekeeping and Workplace Organization
  • Job Costing, Labor Standards, Budgets and GMPs
  • “Pull” (Kanban) System/Uniform Scheduling
  • Industry Benchmarking and Risk Management


  • Six Sigma, Lean, and Just-in-Time Operations
  • Business Information and Knowledge Systems (ERP)
  • Cellular Production and Visual Control Boards
  • Help Desk and Customer Relationship Systems
  • Project Management and Program Facilitation
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Vendor Analyses
  • Waste, Rework and Setup Time Reduction
  • Plant/Office Layouts and Ergonomic Workstations
  • Low Cost Automation and Trouble-Free Technology

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