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Business Philosophy


The House of Business Improvement along with the World Class Business Operations, are built upon strong foundations. As with home improvement, it’s a journey, not a destination!

It is based on unbiased assessments, sound strategic, marketing and business plans, adhered management obligations, workplace housekeeping and efficient organization, effective people systems, total productive maintenance, total quality management, correct technology and just-in-time processes.

The goal is to attain customer satisfaction (internal, as well as external), long-term profitability, employment security and quality of work life. The objectives throughout all of a company’s functions are to improve product and service quality, reduce cost, quicken delivery, maintain safety and enhance employee morale. This is accomplished by meeting client’s requirements, attaining error free (first and every time), managing by prevention and measuring the cost of quality.

House of Business Improvement - The Nelson O. Wax Philosophy

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World Class Business Operations

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For many, process improvement is not a priority, even though their projects require rework or cost overruns or do not meet customer requirements.

Think about it. Can you afford to keep putting off process improvement? Why wait until rework impacts ongoing production, or one project delays work on another? Missed deadlines cause revenue loss and downsizing! Customers go with the competition. The good news is that process improvement helps prevent these pains. Improvement is best done incrementally. It does not have to cause disruption. There are many ways to get buy-in from everyone.

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