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Nelson O. Wax Consulting Sold Analyses (and projects) Sampling as October, 2017

In 2017, I worked with First Response Emergency Vehicles Remanufacturing in New Jersey for 26 Weeks.

Project Issues: Transforming the company’s work culture from a “mom and pop” to a more business like operations.

Project Approach: In this six month general management assignment at for First Priority Global, the objective was to begin the transformation of the organization from a “mom and pop” company to a “professional business” by establishing various good business practices, programs and projects that enhanced the overall performance for long term success. This initial objective has been accomplished and the transition of these improvements via policies, systems, procedures, training, operational metrics, human resource development, team building and cultural change that accompanied this effort is now set and will continue to be led and expanded upon by its President and CEO of the company towards a world class organization.

Project Results: The following were the achievements: Created an electronic, online master schedule across all the plants. Implemented incoming, in-process and final QC processes for corrective and preventive actions. Improved work conditions and space maximization. Acquired and maximized tooling and equipment. Introduced Standard Operating Procedures. Established centralized purchasing, improved warehouse organization and initiated consolidation of vendor sources. Formalized an IT plan, budget approval process and expansion of technology. Created a formal evaluation process with benchmark compensation adjustments; standardized a system for new hires, recognition and disciplinary processes. Promoted the hiring of Veterans and found subsidies money. Drafted a new Employee Handbook and provided Organizational Development and PM training sessions.


In 2016, I worked with various clients nationwide for 54 weeks.

Project Issues: Market penetration of an international business of converted athletic equipment for military and police applications as well as a building security and alarm advanced technology company; ISO 9000 standards marketing efforts integration for a ceramic knife technology distributor; operational excellence implementation for a window treatments manufacturer in the national hospitality industry market; First phase of a relocation project for a commercial bakery

Project Approach: Reviewed current marketing plan for expanding business into the US; Evaluated existing strategic plan for market expansion; Analyzed product specifications in unison with ISO 9000 criteria; Conducted overall operational analysis utilizing Focus Interviews, front and back offices and shop floor observations, documentation reviews and performance assessments; Assessed the proposed new facility’s physical conditions and factory systems (e.g., plumbing, drainage, gas, electrical, HVAC, fire suppression and alarms, lighting, floors/ceilings/walls, painting, IT/network/VoIP,/security, offices, pest management, deep cleaning, docks/doors, equipment retrofits, etc.); evaluate the required trades professionals proposals of repair, replace, upgrade and maintenance of those systems.

Project Results: Prepared Sales and Marketing Plans; Prepared a Business Plan. Prepared a Quality Management Plan; Prepared and began the implementation of an Operational Plan; Created a Master Plan, including GANTT chart with budgets and timelines, for Second Phase, successful execution.


In 2015, I worked with a veteran-minority owned firm in New York for 78 weeks.

Project Issues: Company seeks to operate a few small to mid-sized, manufacturing business.

Project Approach: I assisted the president in various aspects of best organizational management practices in areas such as: Strategy, financing, product development, sales, marketing, engineering, facilities, materials sourcing, policies and procedures, production, quality, distribution, logistics, customer service, office administration, talent management and performance measurements.

Project Results: Several opportunities are to establish a beverage producer start-up company as well as identifying with a due diligent analysis, an acquisition of a steel product fabricator and a wood door manufacturer.


In 2015, I worked with a high-end stone fabricator and installer in New York for 15 weeks.

Project Issues: Conducted overall business analysis and presented recommendations for a turnaround project.

Project Approach: Began as a Business Analyst and later stayed on board as a Business Coach, Facilitator and Trainer in the role as psuedo GM to assist in the change process.

Project Results: Established an operational plan with seven major workstreams of People, Equipment, Material, Methods, Systems, Environment and Measurements.


In 2014, I worked with a global supplier of African fruits in New York for 58 weeks.

Project Issues: Conducted overall business analysis and presented recommendation for a startup company.

Project Approach: Began as a Business Analyst and then stayed on board as a Business Coach acting as COO to assist in the full startup operations and order fulfillment efforts.

Project Results: Assisted with the creation of the business plan, hiring of personnel, implementing policies and procedures, establishing full international supply chain, involved with the broad spectrum of sales and marketing efforts, financial management, participated in new product R&D efforts, and set up the corporate office as well.


In 2014, I worked with a manufacturer of window treatments in New York for 17 weeks.

Project Issues: Conducted overall business analysis and presented recommendations.

Project Approach: Began as a Business Analyst and later stayed on board as a Business Coach, Facilitator and Trainer to assist in the change process.

Project Results: Established an operational plan that began to improve the business in the area of Organizational Development and Leadership, reducing internal cost by 21% and average customer order turnaround time of client’s projects by 33%.


In 2014, I worked with a manufacturer of windows, doors, and steel products in New York for 21 weeks.

Project Issues: Conducted overall business analysis and presented recommendations.

Project Approach: Began as a Business Analyst and later stayed on board as a Business Coach as acting General Manager to assist in the change process.

Project Results: Established an operational plan that began to improve the business in areas of Engineering, New Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality, IT, HR, Sales and Marketing.


In 2013, I worked with a lighting fixture designer and manufacturer in New York for 14 weeks.

Project Issues: Conducted overall business analysis and presented recommendations.

Project Approach: Began as a Business Analyst and later stayed on board as Business Coach the capacity of COO only for initiating the change process.

Project Results: Established an operational plan that began to improve the business in areas of Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, IT, HR and Financial Management.


In 2011, I worked with a door manufacturer in Florida for 12 weeks.

Project Issues: Prepare company for sale

Project Approach: Began as a Business Improvement Analyst and later bought the business.

Project Results: Increased gross margins from 15% to 38% and increased national sales channels four fold.


In 2006, I worked with repair & maintenance organization in New York for 104 weeks.

Project Issues: Turn around company’s operating profit loss of ~$500K per year.

Project Approach: Began as an Organizational Development Analyst and later hired as the COO, responsible for all Operations Departments, including HR, Administration, Customer Service, IT, QA, Engineering, Supply Chain, Manufacturing.

Project Results: Generated ~$2.5MM generated Operating Profit in just two years.


In 2005, I worked with a concrete product manufacturer in New York for 80 weeks.

Project Issues: Transform organization towards world-class performance with best business practices on shop floor and office.

Project Approach: Worked in the capacity as a General Manager after conducting a full company wide business performance analysis.

Project Results: Acquired $345,000 in NYS Economic Development Corporation for capital projects, new equipment and facilities investments and Workers Investment Board grant funding for wage subsidies, on-the-job skills Led the introduction of new product line with an expected 12% sales increase, expanding target customer base.


In 2001, I worked with a telecommunications provider in New York for 52 weeks.

Project Issues: Increase the perception of customers’ satisfaction levels.

Project Approach: Utilized focus interviews, job descriptions, task request forms, world class business matrix, process mapping, SWOT, designing and analyzing a customer satisfaction survey, identification of solutions

Project Results: Increased average customer satisfaction levels from a rating of 3.5 up to 4.5 (5 being excellent).


In 2001, I worked with a cleaning product manufacturer in New Jersey for 24 weeks.

Project Issues: Implement performance measurement system.

Project Approach: Establish production critical control points within required specifications.

Project Results: A reduction of the cost of poor quality of $120,000 per year.


In 2001, I worked with a computer remanufacturer in New York for 24 weeks.

Project Issues: Reduce the Cost of Poor Quality from receiving to shipping.

Project Approach: Utilized training in continuous improvement with regular, one-on-one gatherings and follow-up group based activities on focused operations with performance indicators.

Project Results: Established the baseline of the upstream process map of sales and marketing. Identified critical control points and generated standard operating procedures. Prioritized areas for improvement such as compressing the cycle time of order processing. Implemented a system to monitor assignment completion. Achieved a project payback period of 6 months.


In 2000, I worked with an auto parts remanufacturer in New Jersey for 64 weeks.

Project Issues: To stabilize a declining production output and elongated production cycle times. In addition, establish a high quality of work life to maintain the organization union-free.

Project Approach: Dynamically manage team collaboration with leadership, problem solving and team building skills.

Project Results: Improved efficiency by 23% in production hours per unit and reduced cycle time by 15% in number of days from order to ship. Implemented a bar code production tracking system with visual control boards that allowed significant improvement in customer response time. Defeated a union election.


In 1997, I worked with a window/door manufacturer in New York for 24 weeks.

Project Issues: Cost of Poor Quality.

Project Approach: Trained team in numerous Continuous Improvement subjects, and coached staff to identify opportunities for improvement in cost reductions.

Project Results: Established baseline benchmarks for performance measurements, developing a company business plan and delivering supervisory training. Upgraded an integrated business system, designed a new plant layout, established a rapid prototyping process with new product development and implemented a TQM process that improved cost of goods manufactured by 18%. Won the 1998 U.S. National Minority Manufacturing Award.


In 1996, I worked with a fine furniture manufacturer in New York for 64 weeks.

Project Issues: Acquire ISO 9000 certification.

Project Approach: Facilitated the company owners in the integration of the MD directives, FDA regulations and the ISO 9001 guidelines.

Project Results: Expanded market opportunities, adherence to contractual requirements, and consistent quality processes. Expect to achieve a 3.6 to 1 ROI with a payback period of 69 days. Note: This specific project was partially funded by the New York State Economic Development Skills Training Program. Most manufacturing companies are eligible for this type of assistance.


In 1995, I worked with a plastics manufacturer in New York for 40 weeks.

Project Issues: Reduce setup times and improve management effectiveness.

Project Approach: Educated, trained and facilitated “championship” team in setup reduction utilizing Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) methodology and coached management in leadership functions and skills. Client was to apply for the NYS Excelsior Award (similar to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award).

Project Results: Reduced setup times from an average of 5 hours down to 2.5 hours, resulting in an annual savings of ~$94K, representing an ROI of 7.7 to 1 with a payback period of 33 days. Unfortunately, this division’s plant with 250 people was restructured and company closed in NY.


In 1995, I worked with an apparel manufacturer in New York for 36 weeks.

Project Issues: Implement continuous improvement projects.

Project Approach: Educated and trained “championship” team in Kaizen and facilitated their implementation of improvement projects via weekly team meetings and with hands on coaching on the production floor and in the office area.

Project Results: Faster response to customer demand with reduced inventory by implementing additional work cells, thus reducing rework and scrap with higher product quality. This resulted in a 4.7 to 1 ROI with a payback period of 52 days.


In 1994, I worked with an airplane manufacturer in Chicago for 2 weeks. 

Project Issues: Identify areas of bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Project Approach: Generated “brown paper” (all resources’ process flows) across major operational functions.

Project Results: Did not remain past the analysis; moved to other analyses and projects.


In 1993, I worked with a health products manufacturer in Colorado for 28 weeks.

Project Issues: Attain efficient supply chain processes; balance internal customer and provider service levels; improve direct and indirect labor productivity; enhance communications and enthusiasm.

Project Approach: Educated, trained and facilitated “championship” team in “world class manufacturing” concepts, tools and implementation actions (i.e., setup reduction, employee involvement, group cell technology, “pull” system, uniform scheduling, quality assurance, supplier and customer relations, TPM, organizational housekeeping, performance measurements and project management.

Project Results: Reduced cycle time and production costs, resulting in annual savings of ~$1.8MM, representing a 2.0 to 1 ROI with a payback period of 9 months.


In 1992, I worked with a smelter in the United Kingdom for 24 weeks.

Project Issues: Reduce the emission of lead in air, and thus, lead in blood.

Project Approach: Educated and trained joint team and their leveraged Employee Involvement Teams in CQI concepts and implementation (i.e., problem solving, team building, effective operations’ meetings and reporting utilizing the A.I.M.).

Project Results: Reduced the emission of lead in air by 90%, from ~ 100mg/M3 down to ~10mg/M3.


In 1991, I worked with a food manufacturer in Italy for 8 weeks.

Project Issues: Reduce the manufacturing time from shop order to product shipment.

Project Approach: Educated and trained “Change” Team in CQI concepts. Assessed “As Is” situation, identified areas of opportunity, developed course of actions, implemented, and monitored with adjustments, operational effectiveness methods (i.e., visual boards, SQC, SMS, production improvement meetings and corrective action program).

Project Results: Reduced process cycle time of converting raw materials to finished goods by 25% across 40% of their brands and increased capacity by 30%.


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