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Nelson O. Wax CMC – Who I Am


Nelson Wax

    Nelson O. Wax CMC


“There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” -RFK

I am an organizational improvement expert, specializing in business operations with many years of management, engineering and consulting experience.  I have developed a diversified technical background and business acumen. My experience spans a variety of manufacturing and service sectors.

With an acute sense of people and processes…and how the two must fit together to create an efficient and effective workflow…I deliver positive, tangible and measurable results. This ability, coupled with my industrial engineering expertise and organizational development competency, has proven to benefit companies that need to change by coaching, facilitation and training with additional technical and managerial hands-on capacity and capabilities.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of tools and methods, such as Lean, Kaizen, TQM, Just-In-Time, SOPs, GMPs, ERP and performance measurement systems, ISO 9000, cycle time reduction, process re-engineering, plant and program management, new product development, international business, and proficient project management techniques. I have written articles and delivered classroom lectures on these and similar topics; not just about theory, but for practical application.

I have saved one company $1.8 million by incorporating good manufacturing practices into their operations; created a management tool, the Action Item Matrix (AIM), which is being used by numerous companies to navigate their way through complex projects; and reduced cycle time from raw materials to finished goods by 25% across 40% of company brands…while increasing their capacity by 30%. I lead by example, practice what I preach and walk the talk with a sense of urgency to get the job done, on-time, within budget and with high quality output.

I have integrated manufacturing engineering and information technology within financial management, sales and marketing, utilizing techniques such as Kaizen, Lean, TQM and simply good business practices…all integrated and linked to performance measurement systems such as benchmarking with financial ratios.

While consulting, I’ve completed international and domestic engagements with European and American firms. I’ve served in a variety of capacities from project analyst, engineer and manager, responsible for increasing productivity and streamlining processes from “soup to nuts”, front to back office.  I’ve have served as an adviser to those companies’ cross-functional teams, working collaboratively with employees from the shop floor to the management office in order to achieve their goals and objectives. I’m not afraid to “get my hands dirty” and “into the foxhole”.

I am a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and I’ve completed the RAB’s ISO 9000 lead auditor certification. I have an MBA in Human Resource Management with Distinction from Adelphi University, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Drexel University. I have served as a Captain in the United States Army Reserves and Army National Guard until 1993 when I received an honorable discharge. I was an adjunct faculty member for the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, and I’m fluent in Italian and can converse in Spanish.

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