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Albert Lund


Nelson Wax was selected from a group of industry consultants frequently used by Church & Dwight for highly visible projects. Nelson was particular picked for this project due to his professional knowledge, skills in communicating within all levels of our manufacturing hierarchy including presenting and articulating to our corporate management group. He continues to keep up with cutting edge and innovative management techniques.

Nelson initially “mapped out” our production process at our existing North Brunswick, New Jersey Liquid Laundry Detergent facility. The project scope was later expanded, including the development and implementation of an Operations Improvement Program, measured by a Performance Measurement System, such as a Cost of Poor Quality Reporting System with Critical Process Points. This maximized our operational assets and enhanced the productivity of our people, materials and equipment with common sense standard operating procedures.

Nelson’s main contact was with me, as the Senior Packaging Manager, and with our Facility Plant Manager. Thanks to Nelson, all the outlined deliverables were met within project timelines and budget. His expertise in Human Resources Development and Training, Facilitation and Coaching, along with his project administration and management proficiency, were demonstrated by inspiring the employees to implement those techniques that identified and eliminated sources of poor productivity, such as low efficiency and long cycle times, underutilized and improperly maintained equipment, inconsistent product quality and low customer satisfaction.

In the past, I was the Plant Manager with Setco, Inc., a subsidiary of McCormick Foods, where Nelson had assisted me and my team as an ITAC consultant, and the results were also positive. I hold Nelson in high regard as a seasoned professional and a person of great integrity. Consequently, I would recommend Nelson to any business seeking similar achievements.


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