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Alfredo Medina


Working with Nelson Wax at Burney Products was one of the most valuable experiences of my professional career. I gained so much knowledge from Nelson that I must acknowledge him as not only an excellent manager but as an excellent human being, as well.

As a recent, legal Venezuelan immigrant, I spoke very little English when I came to Burney Products. However, Nelson trusted me and gave me the opportunity to work with him in the process of change he was implementing at Burney Products.

He was very supportive and made me feel I was able to face the big responsibility he had put in my hands. Thanks to Nelson’s instructions and trust, I felt self-confident and highly motivated to fulfill every task presented regarding the improvement of the administrative and productive processes of Burney Products. I witnessed how in a short period of time, the persuasive capacity that Nelson possesses effected the employees. I saw staff members get involved in the process of change and how we imparted ideas to improve our job environment and performance.

Nelson carefully analyzed all of the factors that affected the performance of each department of the company and boosted them to their highest capacity. Among the improvements I can mention: greater productivity, better quality control, greater effectiveness of the lines, faster deliveries, reliable inventory system, improved storage of materials and final goods, decreased material waste, excellent customer service and safe productive process. These were just some of the improvements that Nelson helped to orchestrate in a short time spam.

That is why I do not hesitate to highly recommend Nelson Wax as one of the most professional and qualified individuals any organization could hope for. He will be a great asset to any organization for which he is employed.


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