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Success Stories


Hands-On Leader

who analyzes operations, implements action plans and focuses organization to surpass budget targets:

  • Led Operations Team to turnaround a negative Operating Profit of $250,000 to a positive $1,500,000 for a $26,000,000 domestic and international, frozen desserts manufacturer in 2 years.
  • Facilitated team that won the 1998 U.S. Department of Commerce “National Minority Manufacturer of the Year” for a $23,000,000, 240 employees, windows and doors manufacturer.
  • Spearheaded reorganization of a $35,000,000 after market, automotive parts manufacturer, improving production efficiency by 23% in the reduction of labor hours per unit from 9 to 7 hours with accurate, timely and complete operational information.
  • Improved EBIT for a $95,000,000 office furniture manufacturer from 17% to 35% in 2 years using work cell layouts and single minute setups on the factory floor and doubling annual inventory turns from 4 to 8 and reducing error (rework) rates by 66%.
  • Increased market share by 26% and added $1,200,000 sales by optimizing client alliances for a $30,000,000 international food packaging manufacturer and improving customer satisfaction levels via survey by 28% by cutting delivery lead-time by 12%.
  • Identified improvement opportunities for a building products manufacturer utilizing convergent technologies, saving $1,800,000 with a 3 to 1 ROI and a payback period of 120 days.

Innovative Change Agent

with solid business skills that resolves problems and improves productivity to maximize profits:

  • Reversed a 20% revenue loss into a 25% gain to $3,000,000 and positioned automotive remanufacturer for profitable sale, boosting effectiveness by 21% and profits by 55%.
  • Saved $1,800,000 by restructuring and streamlining manufacturing methods and processes while improving direct materials utilization by 4% for a $75,000,000 oral health products manufacturer and reducing energy costs by 17%.
  • Reduced cost of goods sold by 13% from $150,000 to $130,000, while expanding monthly production output by 33% from $240,000 to $320,000 for a home furnishings manufacturer with reengineered purchasing and inventory policies.
  • Enhanced service delivery processes by compressing delivery cycle times from 18 to 14 days, a 22% savings of $275,000, and reduced the monthly rework and waste expenses by $72,000 out of $160,000 for an electro-mechanical products manufacturer.
  • Generated $4,300,000 of incremental sales in new high-tech products for a DOD contractor and improved gross margins by 35%, equating to $175,000 profit, reducing repair costs by 17%.
  • Established an Organizational Development and Leadership Plan, reducing internal management cost by 21% and an average turnaround time of clients’ projects completion by 33%.

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