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Below is a variety of professional colleagues’ endorsements from actual organizations:


Trevor M. Foster

First Priority Global

I have had the pleasure of working with Nelson as he diligently implemented process and procedural changes in the transition of a family business to a corporate operational structure. Nelson implemented changes that have made a significant impact to HR, production, daily operational and the implementation of a Master Production Schedule for 3 locations. . He genuinely cares about the people he works with, striving to see them succeed in an environment going through significant change.

Jaspal Singh

First Priority Global

Nelson and I worked together at First Priority Emergency Vehicles where I managed finance and Nelson was working on revamping our operations. Nelson was very knowledgeable about human resources policy and implemented a number of changes that greatly aided our transition from a family run business to a corporation including more robust hiring and interview procedures, improved training, and a revamped physical office environment. Nelson also implemented an integrated master schedule that established a great foundation for communication among our various facilities and stakeholders.

Fred Brasch

First Priority Global

Nelson and I worked together over the past 6 months at First Priority Global. Even though a relatively short period and during a time of significant changes for the Company, Nelson significantly impacted the transformation process moving the company from a “smallish mom and pop” operation to a “professionally run business”. The foundations laid across various operational and administrative areas through policies, procedures, training, various operational metrics and HR have/will allow the business to continue to expand in an orderly, controlled and well managed environment.

Claudius Lawrence

Eveready Remanufacturing Company

I have known Nelson Wax for almost 10 years both professionally and personally. I found him to be both professional and ethical. Nelson is an exceptional hands-on manager and his analytical and strategic thinking makes him an asset to any organization. The accomplishments he achieved at Eveready Corporation is implementation of a cost accounting system, opening, developing and expanding new markets while implementing Lean & Cellular manufacturing practices. His leadership skills make him highly adaptable. I highly recommend Nelson Wax.

Harry Jacobs

Long Island Association

Nelson was a pleasure to work with. He is very detailed orientated and did a wonderful job for my firm when we needed someone to take a hard look at our business. He helped put us on track for our business to continue to grow. I would highly recommend Nelson.

Arthur Gold

Long Island Association

I have been associated with Nelson since 1993. We have collaborated on numerous occasions. Each occasion has been a growth experience for both us and the clients we served. Nelson is an excellent organizer able to identify and recruit the right mix of people for a task. I highly recommend his vast array of talents.

Alfredo Medina

Burney Products Corporation

Working with Nelson Wax at Burney Products was one of the most valuable experiences of my professional career. I gained so much knowledge from Nelson that I must acknowledge him as not only an excellent manager but as an excellent human being, as well.

As a recent, legal Venezuelan immigrant, I spoke very little English when I came to Burney Products. However, Nelson trusted me and gave me the opportunity to work with him in the process of change he was implementing at Burney Products.

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Richard Altman

Palumbo Block Company

Nelson is a manager who used innovative techniques to create partnership and collaboration with multiple organizations that could bring real benefit to his own operation.

Dale Funk

Palumbo Block Company

Nelson ia a wonderful leader that inspires employees to become successful. Nelson is an honest, highly respected and intelligent person. I am honored to know him.

Andrew Sillin

Palumbo Block Company

I had the pleasure of working with Nelson in his capacity as the site manager of a local firm. We worked cooperatively on putting together a regional training grant with five other comapnies. Nelson was attentive to detail and understood the value and scope of the project. He showed leadership and yet also an ability to work within a team approach. I would look forward to working with Nelson in the future, which is my best recommendation.

David Wiener


We worked with Nelson on a community service project designed to reinvigorate local politics and the local economy of a run down small northeastern manufacturing town. Nelson’s energy and ideas were a driving force behind many changes and improvements that have opened peoples’ eyes and created positive momentum in the community.

Bernie Kitay

Palumbo Block Company

Nelson is a true professional, who treats everyone with great courtesy and respect. It always was apparent that Nelson did his homework and was well aware of the multifaceted market we were involved in.

Eileen Panico

Tobias Transport, LLC

Nelson is a detail oriented person who gets results. Whether it’s management training or helping your business keep its customers, Nelson has the means and the integrity to complete any project you need him for. He personally helped me with my HR needs and taught me how to screen employees – I have expanded on his knowledge and wouldn’t be in my business if it weren’t for mentors such as Nelson. Although I only checked three attributes, Nelson has all 7 and provides an excellent service.

Donald Popino

Nicolia Industries

Nelson Wax had worked here at Nicolia Ready Mix on short term consulting assignment with the authority as a General Manager to analyze the current day to day operations, develop long term strategies, and recommend specific projects for business improvements across all functional areas, including Sales and Marketing, Fleet and Facility Management, Converging Information Technologies and Human Resource Systems. He is a team player and encourages the employees to strive for higher performance with training and organizational skills and always had a positive, professional attitude and approach.

Walker Scott

Command Alkon

Nelson and I worked together to update the software tools being used to automate and measure the business operations of a corporate customer of mine. Nelson has all the qualities of an excellent manager and/or consultant. His professionalism, motivation, attention to detail and true commitment to the job at hand is unparalleled. I also was impressed with Nelson’s knowledge of various business stategies and the technical mechanisms required to implement them.

Albert Lund

Church & Dwight Company, Inc.

Nelson Wax was selected from a group of industry consultants frequently used by Church & Dwight for highly visible projects. Nelson was particular picked for this project due to his professional knowledge, skills in communicating within all levels of our manufacturing hierarchy including presenting and articulating to our corporate management group. He continues to keep up with cutting edge and innovative management techniques.

Nelson initially “mapped out” our production process at our existing North Brunswick, New Jersey Liquid Laundry Detergent facility. The project scope was later expanded, including the development and implementation of an Operations Improvement Program, measured by a Performance Measurement System, such as a Cost of Poor Quality Reporting System with Critical Process Points. This maximized our operational assets and enhanced the productivity of our people, materials and equipment with common sense standard operating procedures.Read More

Karen Sullivan

Love and Quiches Desserts

Nelson has brought a level of professionalism to the Operations of our Company that was sorely missing. I believe he will greatly assist in helping to bring the business to a level previously unattainable.

Joan Axelrod Siegelwax

Love and Quiches Desserts

I have worked with Nelson over the past year, and he has been a great coach and has encourage and elevate me and others. He has put many useful programs in place as well as offer support and structure to our organization.

Jeffrey Appleman

Love and Quiches Desserts

I would certainly recommend Nelson to any organization that wants to streamline their operations and wants to bring order to their manufacturing processes. Nelson accomplishes these objectives through the implementation of lean manufacturing techniques and procedures throughout the company.

Laura Capobianco

Love and Quiches Desserts

Nelson Wax has first & foremost become an asset to Love & Quiches Desserts, not only by bringing organization, structure & accountability to this Company, but personally speaking as my direct supervisor he’s taught me more than any boss I’ve ever worked with.

He’s allowed me to grow professionally within my current position & has been a pleasure to work with. Nelson has also provided me with the knowledge in many metrics areas that I was never involved in & made my position more robust and knowledgeable.

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Pierre Jusim

Love and Quiches Desserts

I have worked under Nelson’s direction for over two years. During the time we worked together, Nelson has brought a sense of unity and structure to his team. He is honest, even-keeled, and above all, an intelligent man with an abundance of pliable skills. I would highly encourage any potential employer to have Nelson join his or her team.

John Beau

Love and Quiches Desserts

In my opinion Nelson is best described as a true professional, he is results oriented, thorough, extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, determined and patient. He continuously displays outstanding analytical skills as well as proven leadership capabilities. Additionally, Nelson has had success in regard to restoring organizations to a profitable state. Nelson is an extremely qualified, driven professional, and as such would be an invaluable asset to any organization.

Joann Pedro

All American Millwork

I had the absolutely delight to work side by side for Mr. Wax.Not only does he have great business strategies but his work etiquette and dedication made it worthwhile to work side by side for him. His problem solving and smooth operating protocols make money and give the employees a great leader.

Marty Gaon

Apogee Translite, Inc.

Nelson Wax defines an organization and is the strategic mentor charting the course of success. A class act, leader, and visionary with a proven track record.

Michael Brereton

Apogee Translite, Inc.

Nelson O. Wax is a well organized business professional, who is pragmatic in his approach to problem solving. His communication and follow up skills are well thought out, strategic and seamlessly executable. Lastly, he is visionary in his approach to the procurement of a long term strategic plan.

Allen Chen

Gamco Corporation

Nelson is a special kind of leader who inspires one wanting to come to work, doing his best, and be proud of his accomplishments. He makes fundamental changes that will make a company stronger, more disciplined, and achieve great successful in the long run. His wisdom in business helped many workers not only do better, but more importantly, understand why it is better, and think how to improve it even more. Nelson is not only a great business strategist, manager, but also a great coach. He often held mini-training sessions and explained complex topics in plain English. He encouraged each worker, no matter his or her position in the company, to see the big picture and think how one’s work can contribute to the company’s goals. When he finished his project, he not only left the company in a much better shape than before, but also had built a great team that will carry on the best practices and keep the company grow for a very long time!

Chi Fan

Gamco Corporation

Nelson is a very kind career teacher. He taught me the way to perform my ability, and led me to gain a much more professional value. Sometimes he was very pushing, but I know that’s necessary for doing a good job. I remember one thing he told me: ” It is always busy. If you don’t do it now, It will be always busy as you’re thinking right now.” It was a simple principle but reminded me that everyone should do what they think right away. He can influence people a lot.

He is a coach, a manager, and a business analyst. He built a performance standard in many processes in our company, which is a first step to optimize processes. He is a meticulous person and knows everything comes from a small part. He changed the company to be a much better one and trained the team who can still keep improving and leading the company up.

Wendy Fisher

County Draperies

Nelson was a great ally to have in developing my role within the company and defining my responsibilities and plan to achieve a smooth and efficient work environment. He was always willing to listen and give advice for the bumps in the road and kudos when it all came together. He is a kind and friendly person who truly cares about those he works with and about making strides in your company to a smooth environment.

Kristen Velez

County Draperies

Nelson really helped our company define each step of our sales process from start to finish. His door was always open to ask questions or give ideas. He is very patient, trustworthy and kind. It was always clear that he really cared about our company and made an effort to get to know each employee.

David Markowitz

County Draperies

Nelson worked with us earlier this year to help us document and streamline many of our processes and procedures. His ability to document the multiple facets and complexities of our processes proved to be very helpful as we embark on greater systematization of our overall process flow and documentations.
Nelson’s positive attitude and cheery demeanor gave everyone something positive to come in to the office on a daily basis on what was otherwise a very grueling and challenging task.

Maka Medina

County Draperies

It was a pleasure working with Nelson. He was very helpful to every employee of our company and he cared about us and our performance. He was always open for suggestions how to improve our company. Nelson is a true professional, very kind and caring.

Andrew Sobel


Nelson consistently demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm and motivation. He is a very bright individual who is articulate and personable.

Mr. Mazah


Personally, I found Mr. Wax very dedicated, hardworking and goal oriented person. He was very successful in creating a paradigm shift. He built and inspired teams, and taught important concepts like effective team meetings, problem solving.

Mark Janek


Nelson is above all a man of high moral principle, whose diligence in pursuit of excellence is singular.

Rob Karam


Mr. Nelson Wax worked with us as a colleague at the Institute of Management Resources on several occasions during the past year. He has consistently proven that he has the rare combination of analytical, technical and client handling skills.

Jean Frolet


As a VP of operations for IMR I have the pleasure of working with Nelson Wax during three analysis which were all successful. Nelson demonstrated exceptional client handling skills at all levels of the client organization.

Fred Levine


Nelson Wax guided us through this improvement project and we are reaping great benefits.

Al Lund


Our current project has been put together by Nelson Wax. This continuous improvement program is a continuation of our SMED project.

Mark Rosoff


Nelson is a personable and responsible young man who is serious about his role and performance in the environment in which he is participating.

Frank Fabrico


I am writing this letter to let you know what a difference Nelson has made in upgrading our production techniques and procedures to a whole new level.

John Williams


My experience with Nelson showed him to be an excellent leader with a keen insight into process improvement that relates directly to the business objectives. Furthermore, Nelson is a man of the highest integrity and character. He is a person who can make a difference in any organization.

Charles Priolo


In this and all his endeavors at ITAC, Mr. Wax succeeded admirably. His work performance, professionalism, demeanor, dedication, and technical knowledge were nothing short of exemplary in all aspects.

Ms. Diaz


The one positive note on my whole experience is the professionalism and guidance offered by Nelson Wax. Hopefully in my future endeavors I will continue with more people of this caliber.

Jack Wang


Mr. Wax, because of his intelligence, comprehensive manufacturing experience and dedicated working attitude, has earned respect from all of us in our company.

Albert Abney


During the course of his employment with us, he was found to be hard working and dedicated for improving the overall management of operations. Nelson became knowledgeable of the company’s policies and procedures, as well as being able to communicate at all levels of the organization. He is both focused driven and results oriented in discerning key issues and situations. While he devoted most of is time to following up on assigned tasks internally and externally, he has the skills to take initiative for both problem detection and problem solving. Nelson has distinguished himself when working with other members of my staff, as well as with other company contacts. He has displayed a similar aptitude and attitude for interpersonal relationships and is well respected.

Joe Linsalata


I find Nelson respectful, personable, and always helpful in his interaction with personnel. He has shown practical solutions to Process Improvement and cost effectiveness from an engineering point of view. Nelson also shows common sense and systematic ways of approaching problem solving.

Manny Tello


Mr. Wax has an outstanding professional quality that not only encourages, but also motivates his employees. He does this by assigning tasks to develop employee morale and leadership skills. He introduced his staff and shop floor workers to World Class Lean Manufacturing. This training helped me focus on the Pull system with Group Cell techniques that helped to increase production output and to focus on targets clearly. This effort improved the quality of the product by reducing test failures. This philosophy also helped improve the workplace organization and housekeeping, increase employee involvement and enhance customer satisfaction.

Charles Butt

DJJ Technologies

Nelson showed and excellent grasp of the quality improvement process and its impact on business objectives. As a facilitator, he provided the leadership that enabled the team to grow and improve their abilities to continue the quality process in the future. His leadership style was very well suited in meeting the various requirements of the individual team members and project objectives.

Ray Donnelly

Long Island Association

A loyal team player, he is both strategically and tactically proficient. He brings a diligent and strong work ethic to the tasks at hand.

Mike Pinnata

Long Island Association

Nelson Wax is an intelligent, honest, and highly respected individual within the LIA. He was the catalyst and driving force behind the successful streamlining of many duplications within our organization. Nelson was also responsible for the marketing, sales and the forging of strategic alliances between our member companies. He is a superb team leader as well as an outstanding team player. I highly recommend him for employment within your company.